Our partners:

David Barthod (Ambassador):

Expatriated in Salt Lake City, he is addicted to BikePolo and represents ROGER in the USA.

Contact: david.barthod@gmail.com

RizBlanc (Partner):

Based in Montpellier, RizBlanc is our strongest partner who helps us with all our communication media.

Contact: contact@rizblanc.fr

Montpellier Bike Polo (Supporter):

It is the association that supports us since our beginnings and with whom we test all our equipment.

Contact: mtp.bikepolo@gmail.com

Our dealers:

Heckler's Alley (Reseller):

Located in USA, Jordan from Heckler's Alley is our dealer on the American continent.

Website : https://hecklersalley.com/

Contact: hecklersalley@gmail.com