ROGER is a company that produces innovative hardcourt Bike Polo equipment. Our goal is to improve bike polo by developing creative products made of the highest quality. 

is the result of a collaboration between two Montpelliérains, one machining specialist and the other mechanical engineer, both players of Bike Polo.

We have developed a mallet head called "Simone" which combines two materials to obtain stiffness and lightness.

Simone is now available in three versions to offer lightness, maneuverability or more control.

Each bike polo player is different and therefore ROGER offers a wide range of sizes and materials to optimize your Bike Polo skills. 

Please have a look in our “Boutique”, where you can find and order our products. As ROGER is located in the South of France, all our products are guaranteed developed and “made in France”.

Our course of action:

Reliable products, made in France and the most affordable possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us to give us feedback and suggest products.